Causin' A
                                   by Shonah Brown


 Hello, my name is Shonah Brown.

When I was in my early twenties, my friend, Kathy and I took Painting 101 at CPCC, just for fun.  With a new canvas, tackle box of fresh oil paint, stiff brushes, and four still lifes later, we had a great time and I make an A.  The one painting that had a fake loaf of bread, a plastic egg, and an ugly pot, went into the garbage, one I gave as a gift, sold one and the other is in the attic.

Years later, our Pastor Doris Weddington, asked if I could make some kind of backdrop for the children’s Christmas Play.  I painted the streets of Bethlehem on shower curtains that cost 99 cents each (an idea I stole from Ms. Nancy).  Taped (3) of them together and thought that I would use them again, but we did.  Shower curtains were my new canvas.  I made them for Vacation Bible School and Christmas plays for years and before I knew it, I had a collection.  This is the canvas for me!

Then there was the BEACH.  It needed to be bigger than a shower curtain and I couldn't"t spend a lot of money so I painted a 9x12 dropcloth and taped it to the gym wall.  We put a beach umbrella, chairs and a few accessories and it made great pictures.  This is the canvas for me!
My collection has grown over the years.  I’ll be glad to rent them out or let me start Causin’ A Scene especially for you.                                                 

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